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Howard Leight Laser Trak® LT-30 Metal Detectable Earplugs, 33dB

    These Howard Leight Laser Trak® LT-30 disposable metal detectable corded ear plugs from Honeywell have non-ferrous metal and a bright colored blue and orange design that’s easily noticeable visually and for automated inspections. Due to the contoured T-shape design, these Laser Trak® earplugs are easy to insert. For correct insertion, roll the foam earplug into a small crease-free cylinder and with your free hand, pull your ear up and back and insert the earplug and hold until the ear plug fully expands. The self-adjusting polyurethane foam is designed to comfortably fit virtually every wearer for long amounts of time. These earplugs are perfect for facilities that require detection around food or beverages and any environment that has noise levels 100dB to less than 105dB.
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 33dB
  • Easy insertion from the contoured T-shape design
  • Bright colors and non-ferrous metal grommet are easy detected for visual and automated inspections
  • Self-adjusting polyurethane foam comfortably fits nearly every wearer
  • ANSI S12.6/1997
  • 29 CFR 1910.95 - OSHA Occupational Noise Exposure

Technical Specs:

Howard Leight®    
Laser Trak®    
Type     Metal Detectable Earplug    
Material     Polyurethane Foam / Brass    
Compliance / Standards     OSHA 29 CFR 1910.95
ANSI S3.19-1974
EU EN-24869-1:1993
EU EN 352-2:1993
NOHSC:1007 (2000)
ANSI S12.6/1997
ISO 9001:2008    
Special Features     Self-Adjusting Foam    
Application     Food Services, Pharmaceutical    
Size     Universal    
Package Quantity     100 Pair per Box    
Style     Corded    
Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)     32 dB    
Shape     T-Shape    
Plug Color     Orange / Blue    
Reusability     No    
Electrically Insulated     No    
Package Type     Polybag    
Cord Material     Poly    
Cord Color     Blue    


Acrylic Earplug Dispenser Wall Mount or Table 13

Manufacturer Description:

Keeping both workers and products safe is crucial. One step in maintaining safety is using a detectable earplug. The Howard Leight LT-30 Laser Trak Detectable Safety Earplug is an ideal choice for food processing, pharmaceuticals, and other process industries. A non-ferrous metal grommet on the earplug make metal detection possible., and the earplug also features a brightly-colored design, making it easy to see in visual inspections. Available from Hantover, the earplug has a contoured T-shape to make it easy to insert. Self-adjusting polyurethane foam expands to fit almost any wearer. This earplug is corded.

Hant # MFG # UPC
70850 LT-30