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Intertape® Utility Grade Masking Tape, Natural 54.8m x 48mm

    Complete a wide range of bundling, holding, and splicing tasks with this Intertape® 87201 masking tape roll. A smooth crepe backing provides extra strength and conforms to irregular surfaces or corners. The natural rubber and resin adhesive is designed for residue-free removal after exposure to oven temperatures up to 325 degrees F, and this masking tape is pressure-sensitive during application and resists most solvents. This Intertape® 87201 masking tape roll unwinds effortlessly, and its wide width is ideal for sealing packages or preventing color spread while painting.
  • Wide-width of 44mm
  • Unwinds evenly
  • Resists most solvents and other chemicals
  • Smooth crepe backing for strength and adhesion to irregular surfaces
  • Clean removal after 30 minutes of oven exposure
  • Natural rubber and resin adhesive
  • Pressure-sensitive application

Technical Specs:

Intertape®     ipg™    
Utility Grade    
Type     Masking Tape    
Color     Natural    
Thickness     5 mil    
Package Quantity     24 Rolls per Case
48 Cases per Pallet    
Width     48 mm    
Application     Textile, Carpet Seaming, Light Industrial, Manufacturing, Bundling, Tabbing    
Length     54.8 m    
Adhesion Strength     36 oz/in    
Tensile Strength     19 lbs/in    
Elongation     6.40%    
Product Form     Continuous Roll    


Masking Tape, Crepe Paper / Thermoplastic Rubber, Natural, 60 yds, 1-1/2 in, 24 Rolls per CaseIntertape® Utility Grade Masking Tape, Natural 54.8m x spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Hant # MFG # UPC
41043 87201