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JAX 474002219 Magna-Plate 78 Food-Grade Machine Oil

    Keep equipment running smoothly with JAX 474002219 Magna-Plate 78 food-grade machine oil. The heavy tackified formulation reduces wear and handles extreme pressure, making it suitable for food processing applications that require NSF H1 lubricant film. Use JAX Magna-Plate 78 food-grade machine oil to ensure easy movement of overhead chains or conveyors, or put it to work in can seamers, can lid cams, and circulating and drip systems.
  • Food-grade formulation for use in food-processing plants
  • Anti-wear formulation holds up well to extreme pressure
  • Works in place of NSF H1 lubricant film
  • Lubricates equipment with heavy tackified formula
  • Aids in smooth operation of conveyors and overhead chains
  • Suitable for use in can seamers and can lid cams
  • Useful in circulating and drip systems

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JAX 474002219 Magna-Plate 78 Food-Grade Machine Oil

Manufacturer Description:

Hant # MFG # UPC
00780035 00474002219