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Technical Specs:

Type     Peel-Off Degreaser    
Color     Clear    
Container Type     Aerosol Can    
Container Size     20 oz    
Application     Removes Oils, Non-Fluorinated Greases, Moly, Graphite, Silicones    
Special Features     Complete Evaporation, Rapid Dry Time, No Flash Point, Low Toxicity    
Compliance / Standards     USDA Approved    
Package Quantity     12 per Case    
VOC Content     97 %    
Product Form     Liquid / Compressed Gas    
Ingredients     Propyl Bromide
Carbon Dioxide    
Fragrance     Citrus Solvent    
Certifications     NSF Certified    


Joining Compound, 1 lbsJax Peel-Off Degreaser, Clear, Aerosol Can, 20 Oz
Joining Compound, 1 lbsJax Peel-Off Degreaser, Clear, Aerosol Can, 20 Oz spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Peel-Off Degreaser is an innovative, safe formulation of solvents and is extremely effective on tar, asphalt and concrete. Peel-Off Degreaser has become the sensible replacement for chlorinated cleaner/degreasers. Peel-Off Degreaser offers the best characteristics of chlorinated solvents without the environmental roadblocks. with a Kauri-butanol value of 125, Peel-Off Degreaser demonstrates higher solvency power than some chlorinated solvents and much higher than HCFCs or mineral spirits. Combined with the benefits of complete evaporation, rapid dry time, no flash point, and low toxicity, Peel

Hant # MFG # UPC
30976 08761000755