Hantover Inc.
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Technical Specs:

Type     Valve Lockout    
Material     Polypropylene    
Color     Red    
Compliance / Standards     ANSI Z353.1    
Special Features     Fully Dielectric, Cracking-Resistant, Abrasion-Resistant    
Operating Temperature Rating     -50 to +360 F    
Maximum Valve Handle Size     10 in    
Minimum Valve Handle Size     6-1/2 in    
Valve Compatibility     Wheel Valves    
Labeled     No    
Inside Diameter     10 in    
Inside Height     2 in    
Outside Diameter     10.5 in    
Outside Height     2.5 in    
Lock Hole Size     0.375 in    


MasterLock 480 Red Rotating Gate Valve Lockout Cover ThermoplasticLockout Wheel Valve 6-1/2 in to 10 in spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

V-Safe Wheel Valve Lockout - For valves from 6-1/2" to 10" wheel diameter

Hant # MFG # UPC
18541 VS09R