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M-70 Spray Trigger Nozzle Water Saver 3/4" Hose Barb Swivel Black

    Create a precisely directed water stream with the Strahman M70B0075SWIVEL black water spray nozzle with swivel adapter. The heavy-duty rubber-coated nozzle and bronze construction withstand rugged conditions and strong water pressure, while the stainless steel seat design prevents leaks. Adjust hand pressure on the spray nozzle trigger to easily change the water output between a spray and a steady stream. The long handle grip accommodates a larger hand. The Strahman spray nozzle with swivel adapter automatically shuts off the water upon trigger release to ensure precision control.
  • Made of bronze
  • Stainless steel seat design
  • Rubber-coated nozzle
  • Long handle grip
  • Water shuts off when trigger is released
  • Replaceable rubber cover

Technical Specs:

Type     Nozzle    
Color     Black    
Special Features     10 GPM Flow Rate, Swivel Adaptor    
Material     Bronze
Rubber (Cover)    
Connection Type     Hose Barb    
Maximum Pressure Rating     150 PSI    
Maximum Operating Temperature Rating     200 F    
Control Type     Trigger    
Nozzle Size     3/4 in    
Design     Spray Pattern    


SANI-LAV N1S Insulated Spray Nozzle Orange 3/4

Manufacturer Description:

Hant # MFG # UPC
55015 M70B0075SWIVEL