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MSA® 10074137 ALTAIR® Oxygen Gas Detector

    Ensure safe working environments with the MSA 10074137 ALTAIR® Pro oxygen gas detector. Monitored data is visible on the large backlit LED screen, and its sealed design is resistant to water and dust, while durable polycarbonate and rubberized casing withstands drops and adverse conditions. The 20 Series sensors react quickly and reliably to fluctuating gas and oxygen levels, while the remote oxygen detector and 10-foot cable can be lowered into remote locations, reducing the risk of exposure. The triple alarm system in this MSA ALTAIR® Pro oxygen gas detector includes a 95dB alarm, bright LED lights, and vibrations if hazardous gas is detected, and the device powers on and controls functions with a single button.
  • Triple alarm system includes 95dB alarm, LED light, and vibrations
  • 10' cable for remote oxygen sensor
  • Reliable 20 Series oxygen and toxic sensors
  • Saves 50 recent events
  • Durable suspension clip
  • Polycarbonate and rubberized casing resists damage from accidental drops
  • Sealed design resists water and dust
  • Backlit LED display

Technical Specs:

Type     Gas Detector    
Material     Rubber (Housing)    
Special Features     IR Communication Port    
Detects     Oxygen    
Detector Mode     Single Gas Detector    
Detecting Range     Oxygen - 19.5 to 23.00%    
Alarm Type     Vibrating
Display Type     LED    


MSA® 10074137 ALTAIR® Oxygen Gas Detector spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Hant # MFG # UPC
27773 10074137