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MSA Replacement Suspension Fas-Trac® III Ratchet for V-Gard Hard Hat

    MSA Replacement Suspension Fas-Trac® III Ratchet features a 4-point standard suspension that eliminates pressure headaches, pulled hair, and sacrificed comfort over safety. Easily attaches to the V-Gard Hard Hat. Ratchet is graspable and provides ultra-smooth rotation. Customize the fit with three levels of nape strap adjustment. Suspension keeps your helmet in place with no worries of it falling off while you are working. Ideal for use in construction, general industry, utilities, confined spaces, and welding.
  • Comfort that lasts all day
  • Pressure points are eliminated by flush rear lug attachments
  • Contoured ratchet comfort pad improves airflow to the head
  • For use with V-Gard 500 Hard Hat, Hantover Item 50888 and other select MSA helmets

Technical Specs:

Brand     Fas-Trac® III    
Type     Replacement Suspension    
Suspension Type     Fas-Trac    
Color     Black    
For Use With     V-Gard Cap and Hat     

Manufacturer Description:

Hant # MFG # UPC
53524 10148708