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Master Lock® 410LTRED Zenex™ Thermoplastic Safety Padlock, 3" Shackle

    Ensure safety from electrical and mechanical hazards while working with the Master Lock® 410LTRED Zenex™ thermoplastic safety padlock. With a three-inch shackle, this lock is designed for specifically for Lockout and Tagout applications to close hazardous equipment while performing maintenance. The thermoplastic body is durable and nonconductive to reduce the risk of the lock breaking while in use. The keyed different construction with a six-pin tumbler makes the lock extremely difficult to pick, while only allowing one key to open it. The Master Lock® Zenex™ thermoplastic safety padlock is key-retaining to foreclose the possibility of the key being removed from the tumbler until the padlock is secured and locked.
  • Designed for Lockout/Tagout applications to keep hazardous equipment closed
  • Durable and nonconductive thermoplastic body reduce the risk of breaking
  • Six-pin tumbler reduces the chance of picking
  • Keyed different construction only allows one key to open
  • Key-retaining structure ensures the padlock is locked before removing key

Technical Specs:

Master Lock®    
Type     Safety Lockout Padlock    
Color     Red    
Compliance / Standards     OSHA
Special Features     Durable, Lightweight, Non-Conductive    
Application     Lockout/Tagout    
Includes     Label, (1) Key    
Package Quantity     6 per Pack
36 per Carton    
Key Type     Keyed Different    
Label Language     English
Master Keyed (Yes / No)     No    
Shackle Material     Steel    
Body Material     Thermoplastic    
Shackle Diameter     1/4 in    
Body Length     1-3/4 in    
Body Width     1-1/2 in    
Locking Mechanism     6-Pin W401 Cylinder    
Shackle Clearance     3 in (Vertical)    
Green Certified    


Zenex™ 411ORJ Orange Thermoplastic Safety Padlock Keyed DifferentlyMaster Lock® 410LTRED Zenex™ Thermoplastic Safety Padlock, 3

Manufacturer Description:

Hant # MFG # UPC
11729 410 LT RED