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Medique Products® 1615509 Mygrex™ Sinus Medicine

    Get relief from sinus headache pain with Medique Products® 1615509 Mygrex™ sinus medicine. This blend of acetaminophen and phenylephrine comes in 150 individually wrapped packs containing two tablets, making them simple to stock, dispense, and take.
  • 500mg acetaminophen per tablet relieves pain
  • 5mg phenylephrine HCI per tablet eases sinus pressure
  • Each box contains 150 individually wrapped two-packs

Technical Specs:

Brand     Mygrex™    
Physical Form     Tablet    
Recommended Uses     Sinus Related Headache    
Counts     150 x 2    
Formula     Acetaminophen (500 mg)
Phenylephrine HCl (5 mg)    
Container Type     Packet    
Package Quantity     300 per Box    


Medique Products® 1615509 Mygrex™ Sinus Medicine spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Advanced relief of sinus related headache pain

Hant # MFG # UPC
100043 1615509