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Miller Twin Turbo D Ring Connector 2 Personal Fall Limiters

    Increase employee productivity with this Honeywell MFLB-3-Z7/6ft Miller Twin Turbo fall system. It sports a unique, patent-pending design that connects to most fall-protection harnesses with two metallic D-rings, which give greater mobility while offering continuous tie-off fall protection. This Miller Twin Turbo D-ring connector lets TurboLite personal fall limiters swivel in multiple directions and prevents webbing from twisting, so that it can smoothly extend and retract. This Honeywell MFLB-3-Z7/6ft Miller Twin Turbo fall system replaces shock-absorbing, double-leg lanyards for added protection and more freedom of movement.
  • Connects to most TurboLite personal fall limiters
  • Connectors swivel to keep webbing from bunching inside the unit
  • Replaces shock-absorbing, double-leg lanyards
  • Meets CSA, OSHA, and ANSI-Z359 fall-protection standards

Technical Specs:

Manufacturer Description:

New patent-pending Twin Turbo D-Ring Connector easily adapts two (2) lightweight Miller TurboLite Personal Fall Limiters (PFLs) for continuous 100% tie-off fall protection.

Hant # MFG # UPC
37288 MFLB-3-Z7/6FT