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Technical Specs:

$$$$ 8300    
Type     Respirator Cartridge    
Color     Yellow    
For Use With     #8910 N95, #8970 R95, #8940 P100 Filters    
Compliance / Standards     NIOSH    
Special Features     PVC-Free    
Application     Degreasing, Forging, Foundries, Heat Treating Operations, Paper Making, Rendering, Rubber Manufacturing, Manufacture And Use Of Adhesives, Dry Cleaning, Pesticide Manufacture And Application, Treatment Of Timber And Wood Products, Manufacture And Use Of Inks, Printing, Manufacture Of Cosmetic Preparations, Perfumes And Pharmaceuticals, Flour Bleaching, Agriculture, Tobacco Industry, Mining, Trucking, Manufacture Of R    


Moldex® 8300 Respirator Cartridge, Yellow spec sheet
Moldex® 8300 Respirator Cartridge, Yellow spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Degreasing, forging, foundries, heat treating operations, paper making, rendering, rubber manufacturing, manufacture and use of adhesives, dry cleaning, pesticide manufacture and application, treatment of timber and wood products, manufacture and use of inks, printing, manufacture of cosmetic preparations, perfumes and pharmaceuticals, flour bleaching, agriculture, tobacco industry, mining, trucking, manufacture of roofing and asphalt products, petrochemical plants. Aluminum processing, electroplating, lime kilns, rayon textile plants, etching and polishing of glass, chemical processing, manufacture of paints and dyes, soap making, timber preserving, laboratories, uranium enrichment, coal-fired utilities, fluorocarbon and fluoride production, ceramics and cement work, fertilizer manufactur

Hant # MFG # UPC
80976 8300