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Moldex® 8600 Multi-Gas/Vapor Smart® Cartridges

    Simplify your inventory of safety gear with these Moldex® Multi-Gas/Vapor Smart® respirator cartridges. They filter out nine gases, including ammonia, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, and organic vapors, and these compact respirator cartridges replace up to five other gas and vapor scrubbers. The multipurpose cartridges help operators breathe freely during heat treating, making paper, dry cleaning and foundry tasks. The cartridge, filter, and disks snap on to prevent incorrect threading for fast installation. These 100% PVC-free Moldex Multi-Gas/Vapor Smart respirator cartridges stand up to multiple hazards in the shop or manufacturing floor.
  • Filter nine gases and vapors
  • Multipurpose use replaces five other gas/vapor cartridges
  • Snap-on cartridge, filter, and disk
  • 100% PVC free
  • Suitable for use in multiple industries

Technical Specs:

Smart® 8600    
Type     Respirator Cartridge    
Color     Light Olive    
For Use With     #8910 N95, #8970 R95, #8940 P100 Filters    
Compliance / Standards     NIOSH    
Special Features     PVC-Free    
Application     Degreasing, Forging, Foundries, Heat Treating Operations, Paper Making, Rendering, Rubber Manufacturing, Manufacture and Use of Adhesives, Dry Cleaning, Pesticide or Fumigant Manufacture and Application, Treatment of Timber and Wood Products, Manufacture and Use of Inks, Printing, Manufacture of Cosmetic Preparations, Perfumes and Pharmaceuticals, Flour Bleaching, Agriculture, Tobacco Industry, Mining, Truckin    


Moldex® 8600 Multi-Gas/Vapor Smart® Cartridges spec sheet
Moldex® 8600 Multi-Gas/Vapor Smart® Cartridges spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Cartridge selection and training just got easier! Smart® Cartridge replaces up to five gas/vapor cartridges, so your workers will have one cartridge to use for most tasks. Plus the possibility of cartridge misuse is reduced.

Hant # MFG # UPC
26462 8600