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NoTrax® Anti-Fatigue Black Rubber Drain Mat 562 Sanitop® 2’ x 3’NoTrax® Anti-Fatigue Black Rubber Drain Mat 562 Sanitop®
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NoTrax® Anti-Fatigue Black Rubber Drain Mat 562 Sanitop® 2’ x 3’

    The NoTrax® Sanitop® black rubber wet mat is ideal for one-worker stations in wet environments that require basic fatigue relief. Anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties provide safety and all-day comfort. The mat helps to reduce stress on legs, neck, and lower back. An economical solution for almost any foodservice or industrial application.
  • Hole drainage system channels debris and liquid away from work area
  • All four sides feature integral beveled ramps to minimize trip hazards
  • Designed to withstand harsh chemicals
  • Grease resistant and abrasion resistant

Technical Specs:

Type     Wet Mat    
Color     Black    
Application     Industrial or Food Service Application, One-Worker Stations    
Special Features     Anti-Fatigue, Slip-Resistant, Abrasion-Resistant, Grease-Proof, Anti-Slip, 1-Year Warranty    
Compliance / Standards     ASTM C1028-96
ASTM D3884-01
ASTM D2240-02    
Material     Natural Rubber    
Length     36 in    
Width     24 in    
Thickness     1/2 in    
Pattern     Raised
Edges     Beveled    


Apache Mills® Black Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat Non-Slip 3' x 5'NoTrax® Anti-Fatigue Black Rubber Drain Mat 562 Sanitop® spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Sanitop® is made from a durable rubber compound designed to withstand harsh chemicals while creating a slip resistant surface. An alternating large and small hole drainage system channels liquid and debris away from the work area further enhancing the traction of the mat. Molded in beveled edges on all four sides eliminates trip hazards. Sanitop® offers a simple, economical solution for wet environments in many industrial or food service applications.

Hant # MFG # UPC
42044 562S0032BL