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NoTrax® Sanitop® Black Rubber Wet Mat, 3 X 3 feet

    The NoTrax® Sanitop® black rubber wet mat is ideal for one-worker stations in wet environments that require basic fatigue relief. Anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties provide safety and all-day comfort. The mat helps to reduce stress on legs, neck, and lower back. An economical solution for almost any foodservice or industrial application.
  • Hole drainage system channels debris and liquid away from work area
  • All four sides feature integral beveled ramps to minimize trip hazards
  • Designed to withstand harsh chemicals
  • Grease resistant and abrasion resistant

Technical Specs:

Type     Wet Mat    
Color     Black    
Application     Industrial or Food Service Application, One-Worker Stations    
Special Features     Anti-Fatigue, Slip-Resistant, Abrasion-Resistant, Grease-Proof, Anti-Slip, 1-Year Warranty    
Compliance / Standards     ASTM C1028-96
ASTM D3884-01
ASTM D2240-02    
Material     Natural Rubber    
Length     36 in    
Width     36 in    
Thickness     1/2 in    
Pattern     Raised
Edges     Beveled    

Manufacturer Description:

Hant # MFG # UPC
42045 562S0033BL