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OLFA® SKB-2S-R/10B Replacement Utility Knife Blade
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OLFA® SKB-2S-R/10B Replacement Utility Knife Blade

    Slice through foil, stretch wrap, plastic bags, and pouches with the OLFA® SKB-2S-R/10B utility knife blade. This replacement blade fits OLFA SK-14 SK-4, and SK-9 safety knives to keep them in optimal working condition, and the superior edge of the blade lets workers slash through strapping and corrugated fiberboard when restocking shelves. The rounded edge retains sharpness and resists moisture and contamination, ensuring long-lasting use and keeping work areas hygienic. This OLFA® utility knife blade's stainless steel trapezoid design is ideal for restaurants, warehouses, retail stores, and shipping operations reliant on an efficient cutting tool.
  • Superior sharpness for effective cutting
  • High-quality stainless steel and edge retention for long-lasting use
  • Rounded edge resists moisture and contaminants
  • Fits OLFA SK-14, SK-4, and SK-9 safety knives
  • Slashes easily through materials, such as plastic and corrugated fiberboard

Technical Specs:

Type     Utility Knife Blade    
Tip Style     Round Edge    
Material     Stainless Steel    
Thickness     0.023 in    
Overall Length     2-3/4 in    
Overall Width     45/64 in    

Manufacturer Description:

Hant # MFG # UPC
30863 SKB-2S-R/10B