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Pacific Handy Cutter® HH-700 Banding and Strapping Cutter Knife

    The PHC® SafetyFirst System® HH-700 Handy Hooker Strapping and String Cutter Knife is designed for heavy-duty cutting and lasting durability in industrial settings. This heavy-duty knife features a double-honed, single-edge stainless steel blade that is ultra-sharp and easy to switch out and replace with the push of a single button. It is non-retractable allowing for quicker, safer movement. The non-retractable blade makes it very sturdy and durable. This knife is ideal for cutting pellet strapping and other warehouse applications. Workers can easily use this knife to cut pellet strapping and open boxes with one swift hand movement without worrying about cutting themselves, or a flimsy blade.
  • Features an ultra-sharp blade
  • Easy blade replacement
  • Impact resistant handle
  • Heavy duty design and long-lasting durability

Technical Specs:

SafetyFirst System®    
Handy Hooker®    
Type     Handy Hooker Knife    
Color     Yellow    
Application     Warehousing, Grocery Store Worker, Facilities Workers, Wholesale Workers, Warehouse Workers    
Special Features     Impact Resistant Handle, Single Edge Blade    
Blade Material     Steel    
Handle Material     Plastic    
Retractable (Yes/No)     No    
Includes     (1) SS-009 Extra Sharp, Double Honed, Steel Single Edge Blade    


Utility Knife Blade, RoundPacific Handy Cutter® HH-700 Banding and Strapping Cutter spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

This tool is a workhorse for cutting banding and pallet strapping in shipping and warehousing environments. with a strong steel head and blade carriage and an impact resistant handle, this heavy-duty design is an indispensable tool. Blade change is quick and easy with just the push of a finger. Made with Pride in USA.

Hant # MFG # UPC
46914 HH-700