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Polycarbonate Clear Face Shield Visor Crews MCR Safety 181540

    The MCR Safety™ 181540 ultra-clear, polycarbonate face shield is ANSI Z87+ certified, meeting the specifications of high-velocity impact resistance for most industrial and construction applications. It provides great protection against flying debris, chemical splashes, and more. This clear face shield visor works with most manufacturer's cam-lock headgear. It is lightweight so it won't affect the weight of the face shield and it is durable so it handles high-speed impacts without getting damaged. Eye protection is an important key to a safe work environment. This face shield ensures your employees are protected from eye and face damage which often leads to hefty medical costs or it protects yourself if you are an employee in the workforce.
  • Works with most cam-lock headgear from any manufacturer
  • Includes five holes for universal mounting
  • High-impact protection against flying debris and liquid splashes in construction and industrial environments
  • Lightweight properties won't affect headgear balance or weight
  • Perfect for metal fabrication, welding, machine operation, sandblasting, and much more
  • ANSI Z87+ certified for high-velocity impact resistance

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Technical Specs:

Type     Face Shield Visor    
Material     Polycarbonate    
Color     Clear    
For Use With     Cam Lock Headgears    
Length     15-1/2 in    
Width     8 in    
Compliance / Standards     ANSI Z87+    
Special Features     Protection From Liquid Splashes and Flying Debris    
Application     Head and Eye Protection    
Dimensions     8 x 15.5 in    


MSA V-Gard® Clear Faceshield Visor Polycarbonate 10115840Polycarbonate Clear Face Shield Visor Crews MCR Safety spec sheet
MSA V-Gard® Clear Faceshield Visor Polycarbonate 10115840Polycarbonate Clear Face Shield Visor Crews MCR Safety spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Double Protection when worn with safety glasses When protection is needed beyond safety glasses. MCR Safety faceshields protects wearer's entire face ( or part of). Faceshields are protective devices intended to shield the wearer's face in addition to eyes. MCR faceshields provide protection against light impact hazards, small metal chips, small particles and sparks. All Polycarbonate face shields protect against harmful UV rays.

Hant # MFG # UPC
10249 181540