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Refrigiwear® Cooler Wear™ 0534 Navy Frock Liner

    The Cooler Wear™ 0534 Frock Liner is built for durability and warmth in cooler weather or work environments and designed to fit underneath a lab coat. It features two clipboard sized front pockets, allowing for ease of use and convenient carrying. It also has insulated cuffs and collar. It has 7.5 ounces of RefrigiFill™ insulation, ensuring both warmth and comfort while working. This frock liner is rated for comfortable wear in 0 degrees Fahrenheit and negative 18 degrees Celsius and is water resistant, keeping users dry and comfortable in all types of working conditions. This frock liner is ideal for life science or freezer work environments.
  • Features 7.5 ounces of RefrigiFill™ insulation
  • Easily fits under a lab coat
  • Features two clipboard sized front pockets
  • Insulated knit collar
  • Rated for comfortable wear in 0°F (-18°C)

Due to ongoing global supply chain issues caused by COVID-19, we request that you
please call us at 1-800-821-2227 to order this item. Thank you.

Technical Specs:

Type: Frock Liner
Material: Nylon
Color: Blue
Closure Type: Snap
Collar Type: Insulated Knit
Material Weight: 7.5 oz
Operating Temperature Rating: 0 °F
Compliance / Standards: CE Certified
Special Features: Fits Under Frocks or Lab Coat, Side Seam Openings for Trouser Pocket Access, Water-Repellent, Rip-Stop


Refrigiwear® Cooler Wear™ 0534 Navy Frock LinerRefrigiwear® Cooler Wear™ 0534 LRG Navy Frock Liner spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Hant # Size Chest Size Sleeve Length MFG # UPC
40942 Small 34 to 36 in 32 in 0534 SM
40943 Medium 38 to 42 in 33 in 0534 MED
40944 Large 42 to 44 in 34 in 0534 LRG
40945 X-Large 46 to 48 in 35 in 0534 XLRG
40946 2X-Large 50 to 52 in 36 in 0534 XXLRG
48507 3X-Large 54 to 56 in 37 in 0534 XXXLRG