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Dexter 42037 Left-Handed Offset Hammer Handled Boning Hook 4"

    Protect hands while butchering meat with this Dexter-Russell 42037 Barr Brothers offset, left-handed hook. The stainless-steel hook is easy to clean and rust resistant, and it's spring tempered to carry heavy loads without breaking. This boning hook has a four-inch, bright orange handle for easy visibility, and it's easy to maneuver even in wet conditions to reduce the potential for hands slipping. This Dexter-Russell 42037 Barr Brothers left-handed hook has a four-inch hook, making it a tool that provides even balance and secure meat placement.
  • Four-inch hook
  • Four-inch, orange handle
  • Stainless steel hook
  • Spring-tempered hook
  • Left handed

Technical Specs:

Manufacturer Description:

All Barr Brothers hooks are made of stainless steel and hardened to a spring temper. Our hooks are guaranteed to handle the heaviest of loads without bending, breaking or taking a set. The shape of the hook gives them excellent balance, and they are less cumbersome than other hooks on the market.

Hant # MFG # UPC
24301 42037