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Score Solid Emulsion Degreaser, Capsule

  • Premium Emulsion Degrease
  • Food preparation, Meat cutting surfaces 100% active materials-no water or fillers added
  • Heavy duty surfactants, oil and grease removers, food soil detergents and water conditioning agents lift soils and leave surfaces shining clean
  • Non-caustic, noncorrosive;very safe to use
  • Excellent cleaning performance in a wide variety of applications-floors, auto-scrubbers, spray, foamy pressure wash or manual scrub
  • Unique solid system saves space, eliminates container handling and disposal problems;accurate dispensing, reduced use costs
  • Each capsule yields approx. 180-720 gallons use-solution
  • Product is kosher year-round, excluding Passover

Technical Specs:

Type     Emulsion Degreaser    
Application     Food Preparation and Meat Cutting Surfaces, Walls, Floors or any Hard Surface    
Special Features     Non-Caustic, Noncorrosive, Very Safe to Use    
Color     Bright orange    
Package Quantity     1 per Case    
Product Form     Waxy Solid    
Capacity     4.5 lbs    
Fragrance     Sweet    


Score Solid Emulsion Degreaser, Capsule

Manufacturer Description:

Score emulsifies grease and oil on food preparation and meat cutting surfaces, walls, floors or any hard surface. Rinses easily and leaves no residue or film.

Hant # MFG # UPC
14269 6000S1