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Scrubble® 626 Medium-Duty Utility Pad
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Scrubble® 626 Medium-Duty Utility Pad

    The Scrubble® 626 Medium-Duty Utility Pad is ideal for any medium-duty scrubbing and buffing. These multi-purpose scrubbers are for general cleaning and buffing, their rectangular shape allowing for deep cleaning, scrubbing and buffing into the corners. They feature a swivel joint holder, allowing for full 180-degree rotation. These medium-duty utility pads are great for multipurpose use in institutional, industrial, or home settings.
  • Rectangular shape allows coverage in corners
  • Ideal for general cleaning and buffing
  • Feature a swivel joint holder
  • For use in institutional, industrial, and home settings

Technical Specs:

Type     Utility Pad    
Application     Floor Cleaning    
Length     10 in    
Color     Blue    
Package Quantity     5 per Pack    
Thickness     1 in    
Cleaning Strength     Medium-Duty    
Width / Diameter     4-1/2 in    

Manufacturer Description:

Light-Duty White: Generally used for cleaning and buffing windows and ceilings, these light duty pads are ideal for reaching corners during floor buffing. Medium-Duty Blue: From cleaning and scrubbing baseboards, to tight corners on floors or equipment, these general purpose pads have a range of applications. Heavy-Duty Brown or Black: Designed to remove tough build-ups and other such floor applications, these very aggressive pads are great for those tough, hard to reach jobs. Swivel Joint Holder: Featuring a hook & loop design for positive traction, the 180° Swivel Joint Holder allows easy access to difficult areas and can be used with any standard threaded handle.

Hant # MFG # UPC
40668 626