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Shurfoot® Non-Slip Absorbent Powder Compound USDA Compliant

    Create traction in hazardous areas with Shurfoot® absorbent powder 50 pound box. This odorless, dustless, spill-absorbent powder eliminates slippage caused by ice and other slick surfaces and soaks up oil, blood, and grease for safer work environments. It's harmless to skin, clothing, and floors, making it ideal for high-traffic areas, and it's authorized by CFIA and USDA for use in meat, poultry, and seafood packaging plants. Shurfoot® absorbent powder sweeps up easily after drying and can be safely washed down a drain for convenient disposal.
  • Creates traction even in standing water
  • Harmless to skin, clothing, and floors
  • For use in vapor suppression
  • Sweeps up for easy disposal
  • Absorbs oil, blood, and grease

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Technical Specs:

Type     Anti-Slip Absorbent Powder    
Color     Gray    
Compliance / Standards     USDA
Special Features     Odorless, Non-Fire Hazard    
Application     Provides Traction on Ice    
Package Quantity     50 lb per Box
40 Cases per Pallet    
Product Form     Powder    
Glow-In-The-Dark     No    


Shurfoot® Non-Slip Absorbent Powder Compound USDA Compliant

Manufacturer Description:

Amazing traction, even in standing water! SHURFOOT has the highest anti-slip traction of all absorbents and is USDA and CFIA approved. Shurfoot gives complete traction on ice. Just spread over hazardous area till desired traction is obtained. Shurfoot is not a fire hazard, and is ideal for vapor suppression too!

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