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Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Apron Whiting & Davis A2634 Split Leg

    The Whiting & Davis by Honeywell A2634 Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Apron offers superior protection of the chest and torso in various industrial environments which may present multiple hazards. It is ideal for food processing applications and processing environments due to its resistance to corrosion and bacteria. The rings are individually welded to move freely with the body while withstanding abrasion, tears, cuts and punctures. This mesh metal apron features a crisscross backstrap to keep it securely in place.
  • Stainless-steel mesh
  • 10" split leg
  • ANSI compliant
  • Cut, abrasion, puncture, and tear resistant
  • Crisscross adjustable elastic straps
  • 34 L x 26 W

Technical Specs:

Whiting + Davis    
Type     Metal Mesh Apron    
Material     Stainless Steel Mesh    
Length     34 in    
Width     26 in    
Compliance / Standards     ANSI    
Special Features     10 in. Split Leg, 2 x Criss/Cross Straps and Back Strap, Replacement Strap Set    
Application     Food Services    
Size     Small / Large    
Resistance Properties     Cut-Resistant
Number of Pockets     0    


Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Apron Whiting & Davis A2634Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Apron Whiting & Davis spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Garments Made Of Stainless Steel Mesh Are The Ultimate In Protection Of The Body Against Cut, And Slash. Each Garment Is Made Of A Fluid Fabric Of Individually Welded Rings For A Comfortable Fit To Move As Your Body Moves. Mesh Iscorrosion Free And Easily Cleaned, Making Them Resistant To Bacteria.

Hant # MFG # UPC
40560 A2634 S/L