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Stanley® 11-080 Blade Disposal Container

    Keep the workspace safe from accidental cuts and puncture wounds with this Stanley® 11-080 blade disposal container. This high-visibility, bright yellow container is made from high-impact, puncture-resistant plastic so sharps remain safely trapped away from workers. When the container is full, simply lock the attached snap-on lid securely into place and dispose. The container can be placed on any convenient flat surface, or for greater security, it can be attached to the wall with the Stanley® 11-085 wire rack. The Stanley® blade disposal container is a safe, effective way to store and dispose used utility blades and single-edge razor blades.
  • Made from high-impact, puncture-resistant plastic
  • Bright yellow and easy to see in a busy workspace
  • Includes a tethered, snap-on lid that locks securely into place
  • Can be placed on any flat surface
  • Attaches to the wall with the 11-085 wire rack
  • Safely stores used blades for disposal

Technical Specs:

Type     Blade Disposal Container    
Special Features     Puncture-Resistant, Snap on Lid    
For Use With     11-085 Wire Rack    


Stanley® 11-080 Blade Disposal Container spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Hant # MFG # UPC
32396 11-080