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Vestil® PM-2748-SCL-LP 5000-lb. Pallet Truck with Scale

    Weigh, move, and lift commercial goods easily by using the Vestil® PM-2748-SCL-LP pallet truck with scale. The built-in digital scale on this manual pallet jack has selectable increments, keyboard calibration, and automatic zero functionalities for setup flexibility and precise weight measurement for different types of loads. When moving this pallet truck, the battery-powered scale's digital filtering capability isolates vibration and motion for weighing accuracy, consistency, and operational efficiency. With a heavy-duty steel frame, 7-inch-wide forks, and a 5000-pound capacity, the Vestil® pallet truck with scale handles heavy everyday use in various warehouse, retail, and storage operations.
  • 5000-lb. capacity
  • Suitable for low-height lifting
  • Built-in digital scale with selectable increments, keyboard calibration, and auto-zero
  • Digital filtering to help compensate for vibration and motion
  • Scale accuracy at +/-0.1% of the applied load
  • 7"-wide forks, heavy-duty steel frame
  • Factory calibrated for shipping destination
  • AC adaptor included
  • Scale powered by six AA batteries

Technical Specs:

Type     Pallet Truck    
Load Capacity     5000 lbs    
Color     Red    
Special Features     Low Profile, With Scale    
Overall Length     47-1/2 in    
Overall Height     48 in    
Overall Width     27-1/2 in    
Lowered Fork Height     3 in    
Raised Fork Height     7-1/2 in    
Width Across Forks     27-1/2 in    
Fork Length     47-1/2 in    
Minimum Lifting Height     3 in    
Maximum Lifting Height     7-1/2 in    

Manufacturer Description:

5,000 Lbs. Capacity With A Service Range Of 3" To 7 1/2". Fork Size Measures 27 1/2"W X 47 1/2"L. Built-In Scale uses (6) Type AA Batteries and Includes Tare Feature.

Hant # MFG # UPC
47726 PM-2748-SCL-LP