Stirex U-Z Large Kitchen Knife, 8-Inches

  • Grip is placed in a suitable angel to give the arm, wrist and hand a natural relaxed working position so that the cutting power from the arm is transferred to the center of the blade with minimal effort.
  • The purpose of the Stirex knife design is to avoid working with a bent wrist and subsequent excessive strain, pain and occupational injuries.

Technical Specs:

Type     Chef's Knife    
Blade Length     8 in    
Blade Material     Carbon Steel    
Handle Material     Polypropylene    
Handle Color     Black    
Grip Type     Ergonomic    
Special Features     Washable, U-Handle    
Blade Thickness     2 mm    

Manufacturer Description:

All industrial Stirex knives are made of extra carbon steel blades and watertight machine washable propylene handles.

Hant # MFG # UPC
10566 U-2 8"