Technical Specs:

Type     Anti-Slip Tape    
Material     Aluminum Oxide    
Color     Black    
Length     60 ft    
Width     2 in    
Special Features     Bonded to Water, Grease, Oil, Detergents, Solvents, Adhesive Backed    
Application     Traffic Areas, Stairs & Ladders, Ramps & Dock Lifts, Factories & Repair Facilities, Truck Beds & Steps, Restaurant Kitchens, Machine Shops & Shipping Areas, Service Stations    
Message or Pattern     Solid Color    
Product Form     Roll    
Surface Type     Grit    
Glow-In-The-Dark     No    


Saf-Step AS-1 Black Anti-Slip Tape, 1" x 60'Anti-Slip Tape, Black, Solid Color, 60 ft, 2 spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

SAF-STEP is a long-lasting, adhesive backed tape designed especially for application in high traffic areas where slippery or dangerous surfaces may cause accidents.rugged aluminum oxide grit surface is bonded to the tape and is impervious to water, grease, oil, detergents and solvents.

Hant # MFG # UPC
12655 AS-2