Ergodyne Chill-Its® 6603 Evaporative Cooling Towel Bandana Blue

    Ergodyne Chill-Its® 6603 Evaporative Cooling Towels/Bandanas are ideal for use in hot environments such as construction, agricultural, and landscaping. Activate by running under cold water for 1 minute and re-wet to reuse. Features polyvinyl acetate (PVA) cooling material, a highly absorbent fabric that will retain water and keep you cool for a longer period of time than most other fabrics. PVA fabric remains dry to the touch, even when it has been soaked in water. Once activated, the band feels cooler than ambient air and offers hours of relief.
  • Simply pull end of band through slit to use as neckband
  • Super-evaporative, advanced PVA cooling technology
  • Machine washable
  • Size: 4" W x 29.5" L

Technical Specs:

Brand: Chill-Its®
Type: Cooling Band
Material: PVA
Color: Blue
Size: 4 x 29.5 in

Manufacturer Description:

Evaporative Cooling Band: Dampen this synthetic space age wrap to create a cooling aid significantly colder than ambient air.

Hant # MFG # UPC
37686 12418