STEEL-IT® 4220Q Epoxy Primer High Solids 2-Qt Kit

    Steel-It® High Solids Epoxy Primer is part of a two-coat barrier system that protects steel from impact and abrasion, moisture, mild acids, solvents and chemical spillage. The system fully complies with environmental regulations. The epoxy primer is free of lead and chromium salt-based pigmentations with VOC levels significantly lower than all current regulated thresholds.
  • System consists of barrier primer and a stainless-steel pigmented finish
  • Improves adhesion and helps withstand flexing and stretching
  • Highly durable, resistant to the corrosive effects of oils, fats, organic and inorganic acids, and more
  • Ideal for use on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates
  • May be applied with a brush, roller, airspray or air-assisted airless application
  • Works in conjunction with Steel-It Epoxy Finish, Hantover item 38726

Technical Specs:

Brand     Steel-It    
Type     Epoxy Primer    
Container Type     Tin    
Color     Red    
Finish / Coating     Satin    
Package Size     6 qt    
Coverage     380 sq. ft./gal    
Cure Time     3 Hours (Dry to Touch)    
Shelf Life     1 Year     


STEEL-IT® 4220Q Epoxy Primer High Solids 2-Qt KitSTEEL-IT® 4220Q Epoxy Primer High Solids 2-Qt Kit

Manufacturer Description:

High solids Epoxy System is a high-performance, two-coat barrier coating system that complies fully with the latest environmental regulations while maintaining the same high-performance profile and superior application characteristics associated with more traditional STEEL-IT compositions. Both the primer and the finish afford optimal physical properties that improve adhesion and help the system withstand flexing and stretching.

Hant # MFG # UPC
38725 4220Q