Detectamet™, Swipe Card Holder

  • Made of unique "Super X" metal detectable polymer with added anti-microbial agent
  • X-ray visible and metal detectable
  • Impact resistant
  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly
  • Easy to clean

Technical Specs:

Type     Swipe Card Holder    
Material     Polymer    
Special Features     Impact-Resistant, X-Ray Visible    
Includes     Safety Chain    
Package Quantity     1 per Pack    
Metal Detectable (Yes / No)     Yes    

Manufacturer Description:

Swipe Card access systems are a popular and simple but effective way to control access in and around any building, generally used for commercial buildings within the food, pharmaceutical industries etc;a simple swipe or proximity card would be presented to a card reader located outside the door. When the card is read by the card reader the door will automatically unlock for a predetermined time.

Hant # MFG # UPC
66225 212-A65-A55-P01