Extra Strength APAP Acetaminophen 500mg Tablets Medique® 17513

    These extra strength pain relief acetaminophen 500mg tablets come in single unit doses in individual foil sealed tamper-evident packets. These Medique APAP tablets relieve temporary minor aches and pains common with arthritis pain, menstrual cramps, common cold, headaches, muscular aches, and toothaches. These APAP 500mg tablets also help to reduce fevers. Perfect to store in medicine kits and cabinets, these acetaminophen tablets are easy to swallow. Help relieve coworkers of temporary muscle cramps and fevers with these pain relief acetaminophen 500mg tablets.
  • Aspirin free pain relief tablets
  • Temporary relief from minor aches and pain
  • Fever-reducer
  • Easy-to-swallow, film coated tablets
  • Unit dose packets
  • Spanish labeling where possible

Technical Specs:

Brand     Tylenol®    
Type     Pain Reliever Film Coated Tablet    
Cures     Pain and Discomfort Associated with Colds
Muscle Ache
Menstrual Cramps and Fever    
Formula     Acetaminophen (500 mg)    
Special Features     Easy to Swallow    
Package Quantity     500 per Box    


Extra Strength APAP Acetaminophen 500mg Tablets Medique® 17513Extra Strength APAP Acetaminophen 500mg Tablets Medique® 17513 spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

High potency non-aspirin pain and fever Relief. Each tablet contains:Acetaminophen 500mg

Hant # MFG # UPC
100007 17513