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Medical & First Aid

Medical First Aid

Medical & First Aid

Accidents happen, but having the right supplies will allow you to handle injuries and other emergency situations with ease. Being prepared for workplace accidents and injuries is the key to protecting the well-being of your employees.

Prevention is the first step in keeping your employees safe and healthy. With biohazard bags and other specialized waste containers, you can ensure safe disposal of hazardous objects and materials in order to prevent illnesses and injuries. We also offer a variety of cleansers and disinfectants to make sure dangerous substances get cleaned up and dont leave any potential health risks behind.

Our first aid kits are a necessity for treating everything from minor cuts and bruises to more serious worksite injuries. Help keep illness, pain, and injury at bay with medicinal selections such as Cold-Eeze lozenges and Aleve pain reliever. With such a wide variety of medical and first aid supplies, Hantover can play a vital role in keeping your facility safe and healthy.